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April Fools Challenge --------------- Proposed by Tony Gibbons


Build something the majority hasn't done before.

To go around a marked course in a quickest time under sail only.

Have fun.

Materials must include:

Minimum of 2 x 2lt plastic bottles. Any other materials you want to use

1 only plastic carrier bag or part of (Supplied).

1 Only servo.

The date: tba


Using the above list and any other materials needed build a sailing vessel.
A single servo is only to control the rudder.

As the majority of us have never built a sail boat we will be starting of a level playing field
There’s no need for fancy paint jobs, but a method of identifying your craft is advisable.
There might be contact between boats as this could be avoidable.
If there is no laughter at this event a forfeit will be levied this will be decided by our committee

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