Challenge 2014

After being postponed twice it was staged on Wednesday 26th November 2014
rubber band powered vehicle1 There were 6 of us who took up the challenge.
rubber band powered vehicle4 Getting sorted.
rubber band powered vehicle2 The 6 cars and 5 drivers (Keith's behind the camera!)

There were a number of technical hitches which meant that the one that went the furthest (Mike Ingry's) wasn't actually in the running. Same goes for John Magill's (being "raced" on his behalf by Bob Walker).
After some confusion it emerged that Bob Hall and Keith Sharp needed to take part in a "play off"! This turned out to be very close and eventually Keith Sharp was declared the winner after Bob's vehicle stopped in front but then continued backwards as the elastic in his vehicle rewound the opposite way sending the vehicle into second place!!!
mikes.jpg Mine's gone the farthest!!!


Last updated 28th November 2014

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