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Club 500 (2014)

Club 500 Construction Rules

(1) Only use parts, Motor, Tube, Shaft and propeller supplied with the kit. No substitutions or modifications are allowed other than those specified here. If a motor is changed it must be replaced from one purchased from Model Slipway only (A limited supply of propellers are available from, Tony Gibbons and John Magill).
(2) An oiler tube may be added to the prop shaft tube and thrust washers can be added.
(3) Battery must be a 7.2-volt. LiPoly MUST NOT be used for racing.
(4) Servo tray at the rear must be fixed permanently but the battery tray as supplied may be fixed with Velcro.
(5) The club 500 co-ordinator will issue identification numbers and only this number should be displayed. The number board of at least 1.5” x 1.5” must be fixed in a prominent place where it can be seen from both sides of the boat.
(6) A Safety isolation device to be connected in the battery supply this can be a switch with a clearly marked OFF position or a simple pull off wire loop (advised) and mounted on the fore deck
(7) Motor must be controlled. This now must be an electronic speed controller with manufactures specifications clearly marked and this to be a maximum of 30 amp with Reverse.
(8) The fairing wing supplied with the kit may be fitted facing forward or reverse. Alternatively it may be left un-fitted.
(9) Dummy engine moulding need not be fitted if so desired.
(10) All competing boats must be made available to the official scrutineer upon request at any race meeting.
(11) Hull must be left standard and as supplied i.e. edges CAN NOT be sharpened.
(12) Adequate bump protection must be fitted to the bow of each competing boat.
(13) Rudder components must be those supplied with the kit.
(14) Velcro may be used as an addition to or instead of the cabin securing pegs.
(15) If a whip aerial is fitted it must have a looped or have a protected end.
(16) The intention and principal is that all competing boats are evenly matched in terms of power and construction.
Any modifications that will move away from this principal are not permitted.


Club 500 Racing Rules

1. All vessels must be made available for scrutineering if an official asks.
2. Each race will be of FIVE (5)-lap duration.
3. A maximum of number of competitors per race is permitted. This will be decided on prior to race meeting.
4. All competitors will assemble within the milling area or start gate denoted on the course diagram and to the rear of the start line prior to the race start.
5. Each race will start by a signal denoting that the race marshal will start the race within 5 seconds. The race marshal will then start the race by a whistle within the next 5 seconds and at his discretion. ONLY the official starter to start the race anyone else trying to start may be asked to leave start line or take a False start Penalty.
6. A boat crossing the start line prior to the start whistle being sounded will have created a false start and will be moved to the docking area and held there until all other competitors have passed the dock area.
7. Any boat that has been deemed as to having a false start and all other boats get away cleanly must stop and wait till ALL the boats are passed then they will be allowed to re-start. If it is a bad start due to false start a RE START will then take place this is at STARTERS DESCRETION ONLY.
8. The way each race meeting will be run will vary depending on how many competitors are present. To demonstrate the principal we will assume that all competitors that want to race will adhere to coordinators decision on the day. Racing may consist of three heats; the first will include a safe max amount of competitors selected by the race coordinator. The second heat will comprise the remaining competitors. The first four boats from each of the heats will race in the final. Scoring points will be awarded on the final race only at each of the meetings.
9. Scoring points at each of the final races at each meeting will be as follows:- First place 3 points, second place 2 points, third place 1 point. These points will be entered onto the season’s master scoreboard and will be displayed.
10. Other competitors must regard any boats failing within a race as an additional hazard, which should be avoided.
11. Failed boats will not be rescued during a race, but will be recovered between races.
12. Each heat will be run in clockwise direction but the final race will be run in an anticlockwise direction.
13. Each competing boat will have an observer to count laps and ensure that the course is correctly followed. It is the observers responsibility to ensure their boat is scored correctly NOT the scorekeepers.
14. If a boat misses a turning buoy it will be required to turn completely (360deg) around and correctly navigate the next buoy, otherwise it will be disqualified from that heat.
15. Race meetings will be pre-planned for the season and racing will take place in any weather conditions with only one exception “ice”.
16. It is accepted that there will be some inevitable coming together of boats which will be considered as part of the race activity but deliberate pushing or bumping another boat off course will not be tolerated and the offending boat could be disqualified from that heat. The final adjudication will be that of the race coordinator who will observe each race.
17. Should the seasons racing result in joint leaders a special race of champions will be organised to determine the overall winner. In these circumstances it may be decided to set out a different and more challenging course.
18. The season’s first, second and third placed competitors will be presented with a trophy at the AGM.
19. Any Junior member may join in if they can beg, steal or nick a boat but they can not accrue any race points (if there’s a need a second “Junior” section it could be started).
20. Racing number 1 will be awarded to the winner of the final and they keep it till the following year.

These rules have been developed as guidelines to bring about a fair and competitive race series. The most important rule of all is as follows, “It’s a hobby have fun”

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