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Alan Tidman's paddle steamer "Glasgow".

Glasgow Built from a Graupner kit, smoke unit was extra. She looks the part on the water, and, leaves an unusual wake behind. !
DSC_8586-480.jpg Brian Roger's fine looking aircraft carrier

It is scratch built at 1/144, light USA carrier Casablanca Class used in the Pacific, aircraft bought from California carry correct markings for this vessel.
DSC_8617-480.jpg Peter Pallett's "pilot" boat.

Chrisp 1 An airfix wooden kit of air-sea rescue launch 520mm long. Built in 1982 on kitchen table as entertainment for 7 year old son, Chris, during divorce access visits to Edinburgh. Chris and boat, winner of several scale steering events at Edinburgh Model Club. Boat rested from 1986 to 2011 when resurrected by Peter for RPSMC. Refit included hull sealing, updated electronics, decals and navigation lights fitted
DSC_8633-480.jpg Victoria 135 Standard Victoria model built in Summer 2011 by Peter Pallett to fulfil boyhood memories of sailing yachts as a schoolboy on the famous “Gosport Ponds”. Yacht upgraded in winter 2011/12 with HouseMartin sails and rigging accessories. Number in memory of 135 Field Survey Sqn RE(V). Yacht and the club camaraderie gives great pleasure – quote “best thing I’ve done in years”. Yachting with a Victoria is 10% the boat, and 90% the transmitter operator!
hmsdaring-480.jpg Roger Masters' D32 HMS Daring Type 45 Destroyer (HMS Dauntless is now serving in the Faulklands). The real Daring radar dome on top of the samson mast weighs in a hefty 6 tonnes! Thank god mines's made of balsa wood!
Ship's length 152m
width 21.2m
Roger served on a previous HMS Daring as Engine and Boiler personnel. This ship D05 was scrapped in 1972!
DSC_8677-480.jpg Keith Sharp's Hustler Wooden 6. 1/10 scale and it works!
DSC_1225-480.jpg Bob Hall's Vosper launch.
RAF Rescue Target towing launch. 28”in length.
Powered by one Brushless 900KV motor. Built from a kit, supplied by Kitshack.
DSC_0072-480.jpg Ian Foskett's Motor Gun Boat 77: (72 feet – Type Class) Model 1/24th scale 920mm long : 270mm wide Original boat built by Motor Power Boats, Hythe, Kent in 1942. Model powered by 2 : 400 Kv brushed electric motors Constructed from Deans Marine Kit Material: ABS plastic and fibre-glass hull
coastguard.jpg Details to follow!!
DSC_0105-480.jpg Details to follow!!
od9-480.jpg Details to follow!!
DSC_1225-480.jpg Big Swamp Buggy
Built from Dumas boat kit.  Designed as an introduction to Air Boats, highly manoeuvrable and stable. Powered by O.S. 46 two stroke Aero Engine, 2 channel radio fitted.
DSC_0072-480.jpg Fusion 400 Hovercraft
Built from a kit produced Palaform Ltd.  Powered by two brushless motors, creating lift and forward motion individually. 3 channel radio fitted. Size; Length 450mm; Width 250mm
DSC_0105-480.jpg Gemini Hovercraft (The F1 of model hovercraft)
Built from a kit powered by A.S.P 36 2 stroke Aero engine creating lift and forward motion. 2 channel radio fitted. Size;  Length 850mm; Width 450mm

.jpg Details to follow!!

.jpg Ian Foskett's VITT (Rigid Inflatable Boat Auxiliary boat to 38 metre German Customs Cruiser Built from Manfred Sievers 1/10th scale (26 inches long) Fibreglass hull, water jet propulsion with reverse feature powered by Outrunner brushless motor power supply 14.2 volts, 37000 mAh nicad batteries
DSC_0201.jpg Rugeley Queen.

This vessel was made using an old Glasgow hull and paddle wheel covers. All the decking super structure and wings were scratch built and also looks the part on the water
DSC_0224.jpg Geoff Taylor's "Topaz" twin masted triple sail pleasure yacht
Length 41 inches
Width 10 inches
Height 5 foot from bottom of keel to top of mast.
Single servo opersates all sails.
Second servo just for rudder.
It has a stubby winged keel weighing about 8 lbs.
Sails well in light to moderate winds!

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