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Paper Boat challenge and Sunset Cruise
(including the second half of the photographic competition)

The Challenge Trophy (Sponsered by Bob Hall)

Paper Boat

funnyboat.jpg challengetrophy.jpg
DSC_1500.JPG The line up ready for the off!!
DSC_1501.jpg "You're going the wrong way!!!
DSC_1502.jpg Keith Sharp's boat going the right way (all be it by going round in circles)
DSC_1504.jpg Nearing the target
DSC_8124-480.jpg The winning boat
DSC_1589.jpg.JPG Keith Sharp with the Challenge Trophy

Sunset criuse

DSC_1484.JPG Sandwell setting up
DSC_1566.JPG Visitor on the lake
A very nicely turned out "Mersey" complete with sound effects
DSC_8139-480.JPG Plenty of yatchs entered the sailing competition
DSC_1519.JPG Club 500 "five a side" football!
DSC_1517.jpg Fortunately there were no casulties!
DSC_1542.JPG The Blue team on their way to scoring the winning 3rd goal!
DSC_1581.JPG The winner!


The second half of the photographic competition - results are:

Bygone Days - John Magill

DSC_1581.JPG Red - Dave Masters

DSC_1581.JPG Clocks - Margeret Hynes

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