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Mike Ingrys boat was the classic looking raft he adapted his airboat ex hovercraft system which went under the bamboo hut this went well sat high in the water handled ok was a little slow looked excellent.


Bob Halls boat was massive like a battleship a little over length that didn't really matter built in a few days 550 motor covered in cling film went well turned good for the length some of us looked at this and immediately said race boats never know might happen


Tony Gibbons boat was a twin hulled canoe with the motor in a ballcock this turned from side to side although an additional rudder had to be added turned like a sick camel drove like a broken submarine neither floating or sinking all had same problems garden canes cheap hot glue sticks lots of them fun quality massive



Report submited by Tony Gibbons

Thanks Tony

We all got on site for 12:00 just to get things set up gratefully although it was cold it wasn't unpleasant The weather really was good all day and into the evening the temperature dropped but no rain (yay) With no strict schedule to stick to there was a free, easy and fun feel to the day While general sailing was all afternoon there where event these where Blind sailing run by Pete Palette and John Magill and other members when needed, this took place on the landing stage with a queue of wanna be Pilots. Another event was a informal yacht race run on the usual course with Sandwell hoping to score well but not gonna happen. Peter Pallet won. Although the Sandwell's Brian Morris got the furthest distance not under control almost to top end of the lake. Unfortunately not enough 500's turned up for a match. A demonstration of the 'Hufffy' fast electric with 2 of these boats had on the water together they proved fast, controllable, and stable the comments I heard where favourable. Even from the people who are not particularly interested in race boats I heard they're Bloody quick . The Bamboo Challenge also took place with a lower numbers than hoped for. Three craft took to the water and it was decided to use a shortened course The three craft could be loosely termed boats all different A bamboo battleship Cane em All from Bob Hall. A classic looking raft. Aint not gonna Tiki no more from Mike Ingry. From me a twin hull Can not Tiki Straight away Bob took the lead doesn't rally matter who won as Rugeley Power Station Model club members where the real wimmers. As usual the ladies are mentioned last but are the first step up and also have to put up with us on a cold day playing in water costing money A MASSIVE THANKS to them As I said earlier anyone got better, more pictures and when all the scores and figures are sorted out will you please post them

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